A Church in Tokyo for Many Nations
A church for many nations in the world's largest megacity makes sense. This is because the residents of Tokyo are increasingly diverse. The Lord is bringing people from all over the world to live in Tokyo. Furthermore, many Japanese people in Tokyo are internationalized—especially those who have lived outside Japan and have therefore gained a new perspective.

Tokyo Multicultural Church celebrates this cultural diversity in the midst of this country famous for conformity. TMC desires to display the multi-faceted glory of God by worshiping and obeying Jesus in a warm and welcoming multicultural setting. TMC will eventually have multiple language-specific departments (English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.).

Statement of Faith
TMC most closely reflects the EFC of Canada and the EFC of America, and is a partner ministry of the EFC of Japan. TMC adheres to the statement of faith of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada.

TMC Phases
Four words capture the church planting phases of TMC: envisioning, embarking, establishing, and enlarging. We are currently in the establishing phase: developing language-specific ministries (worship services, small groups, fellowship groups, Bible studies, etc.) and seeking pastors/missionaries for each language-specific “department” who will carry the vision forward.