Join us at TMC as we celebrate God’s grace and truth within the cultural diversity of Tokyo!

Sunday Schedule

  • First and third Sundays 11am: Joint English/Japanese worship service
  • Second, fourth (and fifth) Sundays: 9:30am Japanese worship service, 11am English worship service. (There are no 9:30am services on joint worship service Sundays.)
  • First Sundays 2pm: Chinese Fellowship (Mandarin)
  • Second and fourth Sundays, or the weekdays after those Sundays: English and Japanese small groups
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  • John 20:19-23
  • Sermon by Motomichi Harada: "Peace Be With You"
  • English interpretation by Shinya Watanabe


  • Join us today for an afternoon picnic at Ojima-komatsugawa Park, weather permitting. Bring everything you think you need for a picnic. The park is at Higashi-ojima station on the Toei Shinjuku line. The park can be accessed by train, bus #24 from in front of TMC, or bicycle (20 min. from TMC). There is also ample parking.
  • Japanese Bible studies are on Tuesdays at 8pm.
  • English prayer meetings are on Wednesdays at 8pm and Japanese on Thursdays at 8pm.
  • See Kee, Becky, or Divine for English Young Adult Fellowship schedule.
  • Minutes in English from our two most recent Members' Meetings are on the bulletin board.
  • Giving on the last Sunday of March was generous! We needed large subsidies from our church planting fund at EFC of Canada Mission in Jan and Feb. But in Mar we only needed a small subsidy. Praise the Lord! A chart showing our basic income and expenses for the first quarter of 2021 is on the bulletin board.