Join us at TMC as we celebrate God’s grace and truth within the cultural diversity of Tokyo!

Sunday Schedule

  • First and third Sundays 11am: Joint English/Japanese worship service
  • Second, fourth (and fifth) Sundays: 9:30am Japanese worship service, 11am English worship service. (There are no 9:30am services on joint worship service Sundays.)
  • First Sundays 2pm: Chinese Fellowship (Mandarin)
  • Second and fourth Sundays, or the weekdays after those Sundays: English and Japanese small groups
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Sun. May 2, 11am JOINT SERVICE


  • Romans 7:1-6
  • Sermon by Motomichi Harada: "Release Which Christ Brings About"
  • Japanese interpretation by Shinya Watanabe

NOTE: On this the first Sunday of the month we remember and give thanks for the death of the Lord Jesus Christ for us ("communion").


  • Japanese Bible studies are on Tuesdays at 8pm.
  • Joint English/Japanese prayer meetings are on Wednesdays at 8pm.
  • See the English Young Adult Fellowship's Line group for their schedule.

Sun. Apr. 25, 11am ENGLISH SERVICE

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Sun. Apr. 18, 11am JOINT SERVICE

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Sun. Apr. 11, 11am ENGLISH SERVICE

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