Results of March TMC Members Meeting and Response

Hi TMCers,

This past Sunday, March 31, we held a members meeting in the afternoon. The purpose was to vote on whether to invite Motomichi Harada to join our TMC missionary/pastoral team. He would eventually lead our Japanese Department and help us launch our Japanese language worship service, while continuing his ministry to Japanese returnees.

We had decided in advance that we would require a 2/3 quorum of members present in order to vote. With 15 members our required quorum was therefore 10 members. However, only 9 members were present when we began the meeting. Nevertheless, we decided to discuss the issue at hand and then find a way for members to vote the following Sunday.

Much to our surprise and delight, about 30 minutes into our meeting one more member showed up who was not able to join us for our morning worship service. That met our required quorum of 10 people. (
God sighting #1)

After about 90 minutes of good discussion, preceded by a short devotion and prayer time, we took a vote by ballot. The ballot stated: “I am in favor of inviting Motomichi Harada to join our TMC staff team.” (Circle one: yes, no, abstain.) Voting “yes” would mean not only agreeing that we would like Motomichi to join us; it also meant that we were committing ourselves to increase our giving to the Lord’s work at TMC each month so that we could reimburse Motomichi 80,000 yen/mo. for preaching and transportation. We had also decided in advance that a 2/3 majority of votes cast would carry the vote. Nine voted “yes” and one voted “abstain.” So the motion carried by a wide majority.

After our members meeting the offering for the day was counted. In addition to yen offerings, there was a gift of 80,000 yen in foreign currency from one of our guests that morning—perfectly matching the yen amount we had decided upon. (
God sighting #2)

Today, Thursday, at 6:30pm I received an email from Motomichi giving me the good news that he and Naoko have decided to accept our invitation for Motomichi to join our TMC staff. They will be able to join us starting Easter Sunday April 21. Motomichi is currently an associate pastor of another church. That church has generously and graciously decided to continue providing Motomichi with 50,000 yen/mo for one or two years. Motomichi will not have any Sunday responsibilities at that church once he joins us at TMC. (
God sighting #3)

On behalf of the entire TMC missionary staff team (Duane, Jon & Laura, Kevin & Grace, and Ann & me) I want you to know that we are thankful for each TMC member and attender who makes TMC what it is today, and especially for our TMC members who form the core of TMC. May the Lord Jesus Christ be pleased to grow his church at TMC to the next level in both quality and quantity through all of you and our leadership team.

With thanksgiving,
Dale Little
TOKYO MULTICULTURAL CHURCH – Church Planting Team Leader |