Info for Mar 31, 2019 TMC Members Meeting

Hi TMCers,

Ann & I just returned Fri. evening from a two-week trip to Canada and the USA. We’re excited to be back at TMC for Sunday worship tomorrow!

In the afternoon we happen to hold an important meeting for TMC members. We will be voting on whether to invite Motomichi Harada to join our TMC missionary/pastoral team. The ballot states: “I am in favor of inviting Motomichi Harada to join our TMC staff team.” (Circle one: yes, no, abstain.) A quorum of 2/3 voting TMC members must be physically present in order to make decisions by voting. Proxies are not permitted. And 2/3 of votes cast carry the vote. (At least that is how we are currently trying to operate.)

2019_01-2 Harada
Our TMC missionary leadership team thinks Motomichi will fit well on TMC’s staff. The idea is for him to eventually lead our Japanese Department and help us launch our Japanese language worship service. His heart is for Japanese returnees (Japanese multicultural people) and he will have the freedom to continue developing that ministry at TMC.

Motomichi’s wife Naoko desires to focus on being a wife and mother. She will have the freedom to get involved at TMC to the degree she chooses. The Harada’s plan to continue living in Narita City, Chiba. They will commute to TMC by train or car.

Motomichi receives 50,000 yen/mo. for his current ministry as associate pastor at a church in Ochanomizu. The lead pastor there is supportive of Motomichi’s possible move to TMC. That church might continue to support Motomichi at 50,000 yen/mo. for the next 6-12 months even if he does join us at TMC. But we should be prepared to offer Motomichi AT LEAST 50,000 yen/mo. I suggest a MINIMUM of 50,000 yen/mo. for “pulpit supply” plus 30,000 yen/mo. for transportation.

If you vote “yes” for Motomichi tomorrow it means you are committed to increasing your giving to TMC in order to support the Harada family. Our current 2019 average giving so far is 290,000 yen/mo, which barely covers our facility costs. Inviting Motomichi means increasing that to at least 380,000 yen/mo, preferably to 400,000 yen/mo. But that is just the beginning. A long term ministry position for Motomichi at TMC assumes we will eventually cover his salary and housing, probably in the 300,000 to 400,000 yen/mo. range.

I look forward to seeking the Lord’s will together with all of you tomorrow.

Warmly in Christ,
Dale Little
TOKYO MULTICULTURAL CHURCH – Church Planting Team Leader |